Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A blast from the past (well, actually, only a splash)

Do you remember Ramtej? He's the guy who was in the list of people in a few post ago. Well, he lived near me and we used to go home together. So here is an incident which happened while we were going home.

Near my home, is a field. There, when it rains, little pools of mud will form. So, on one fine rainy day, Ramtej dared me to put my newly cleaned shoes in the pools. He said that he will give me a gift if I put my shoe in it. And guess what, I PUT my SHOE IN THERE. I know I am very stupid. What about the gift he was talking about? It was torrents of laughter from him.  —_—" Hia ya


Tor Ming En said...

Lol. But he used to be your best friend, right?

Harsh Seth said...

i considered him as a best friend. I think he just thought me as a friend and not a best friend lah

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