Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sad news....

I will be leaving Singapore soon. I will be shutting down this blog for good... but there are some good news. I am no longer having any problems in life. I feel much happier now... The problem lay in my brain... I tackled it and poof! it disappeared! I will not delete this blog but it will stay stagnant forever. *dhan, dhan DHANNNNNNN(evil music)*

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introvert or Extrovert?

After a quick talk with people, i was surprised when they said that i am an extrovert. That is because, i was a major introvert guy in pri school. I kept on thinking that what will the people around me think about me. Will people will like me more if i do thinks like this or like that? So, In sec sch, I masked my introvertness with touch or extrovertness. So i think my act of masking my true self has changed my personality for the better.

So i think i am still an introvert but i am more towards extrovertness.

Something about me (part 2/?)

I prefer black over white
I don't like fancy designs and patterns. I prefer plain and colourful thing which have vibrant colours so as to hide the dull colour of my life.


The unfit guy

There was a guy who remembered his primary school days when his class loved to play captains ball. Well, he was in a class of really fit people and there was no other unfit guy like me, well except for Yeok Ann (you know him). So this guy was always not chosen for any games as well the reason is obvious. So todays games reminded him of his primary school days.

Something in between a day before yesterday and a day after today

Today we had a Student-Teacher game of captains ball. The games today were awesome!!! I screamed until my throat went sore. :D
Then something happened in the MRT and I became a bit sad.
Here was what happened
1) I sat on a set of seats where there were 5 seats.
2) When I first sat there, there were 4 people sitting there. They were next to each other.
3) Then the guy on my right got up and sat on the opposite row of seats.
4) Then the person next to me got up and left the train.
5) End product, nobody sitting beside me like I got virus.
 I felt so bad.

well that was not the worst part of the day. The worst will be in my next post.

Monday, August 30, 2010

More about me (part 1/?)

I do not want to hurt any ones feeling who is somehow linked to my life. I try to bring no pain to that person even if it means taking pain myself. Which is why, my parents know very little of my primary school and secondary school life. I don want them to become frantic and all stressed up about my life. So at school, i may lie to you but the reason is hidden deep in me.

Hi I am the IT/Library/Eye Care Monitor

Hi. Since primary 3, I have been recognized for my passion for reading, my expertise with the IT system in the class (I am not pro) and my really sucky eye sight. So, my form teacher bundled everything up. I became the IT monitor for my class, the Librarian of the class (we had a mini library in our class) and the eye care monitor.

When I was in P5, I became the N.E. Ambassador (National Education) as I was not of Singapore origin.

So that was me in my leadership skill time in my pri school

My thots... :(

    Today, i was very heart broken by some stares i received. But this also means that i have some problem in me. Problems which have to be fixed. First up, my wandomness... Yes Wandomness. Weird + Random = Wandom. It is the main cause of the stares and talk behind my back. :D

Another problem I am facing now is this question — Should I be a peoples person or a teacher follower? People = My classmates. I want to follow exactly what my teachers tell me but I don't want to get my class to complain about it. You see, my class is not always agreeing to the teacher's sayings so I don wanna go against the class but I will go against my teacher's instructions. I cannot find an equilibrium with the teacher's point and the class point so that they are both happy. Argh. gotta find a way to make the class and teacher both happy.

A day after the day which passed yesterday

So. If you did not get the title, it simply means today. I am making complicated titles so as to make sure that every title is not the same old boring one. :D

Here I go. First the test. There was a semi—killer test today during chem. and the topic was? You guessed it right, Chem.  —_—

Then, there was the final day of SST radio. The good thing was, it was a success. The disheartening news were
1) Of all the 12 RJs (Radio Jockeys), only 5 of us came...
2) Of all the 198 students in the school, only 61 responses came, of which one or two were by the same person... But only 61 responses were a lot to do only in 8 days... Next year there will be close to 400 students. And having only 5 hours, i don't think it will be plausible.

Then there was the teacher's day rehearsal. I was seriously heart broken by some things. More info in the next post.

And finally, i was thinking of adding another section to my blog. Getting to know me better. there, i will talk about my likes and dislikes. :D

Cheers :D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feeling that i am...

simply wasting my life and my time on earth. The time given to each person is so short and i waste that with i donno what crap.


Two days before the day after tomorrow

I bought a new pair of jeans today. The colour was not what I had in mind but it was the only one there which was within my budget - below $30. :D I got it for $24.50 :D

Then i did nothing except plurking, homeworking, blogging, watching television and jyust wasting time. Oh yeah, i also went out to play with my brother as it was a long time since i had played with him. I have always felt that i do not spend time with him. Feeling very guilty... :(

A day after the day before yesterday

On this day, I went to receive an award for getting an A in my PLSE Hindi at Bendameer Primary School. There I sat next to a bunch of IDIOTS. They were sick, stupid and well, sick. I don't wanna ever getr near them again... UGH...

This was supposed to be posted yesterday. sorry


Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi! My name is Harsh and what is your name? I have been using this line to freak out people in my class. For the first day, it was successful. But then, its effects ran out of power and people are now used to this line. Gotta think of a new statement and fast.

Till Then, Cheers

The story of Monu

There was this boy called Monu. He was born on the 24 February 1997. He lived in India and came to Singapore in the year 2000. He has been living there ever since. He went to Evergreen Primary School and came to School of Science and Technology.

There was this boy called Harsh. He was born on the 24 February 1997. He lived in India and came to Singapore in the year 2000. He has been living there ever since. He went to Evergreen Primary School and came to School of Science and Technology.

Eh... How come same story? Here is the twist. Monu and Harsh are the SAME person. This guy was called Monu for the first 1 or so months of his life. Then his name changed to Harsh. Now what do they mean, you ask. Ok, here is the deal. I was born on a Monday, and in Hindi, Monday = Mangalwar. So Monu was derived for Mangalwar. What about Harsh? Well, Harsh means happiness in Hindi. Unfortunately, it means  unpleasantly rough or jarring to the sensescruel or severe in English. It also means grim, hostile, jarring, etc. So if you were wondering about my name part, Here it has been clarified


The day after yesterday

The day was a short one but it seemed to be a long one towards the end. Especially during the Chemistry class. So chim. Our oral examinations were a bit easy but it does not matter. It will be easy for the whole school and so the expectations will be higher. I don't really have much to say about the day after yesterday so...

see ya

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Random Thought

OK. here is the random thought of the day. I have changed so much due to this blog.  Thank you blogger.

Well, this was not very random. Or a thought. SO i epic FAILED. =.="

A chubby guy's true love...

OK there was this chubby little guy in my p6 class. His name was Yeok Ann. He was my best friend after Ramtej left. (you know Ramtej. The guy who made em put my shoe in the mud. Yeah that guy) Well, he had a crush on a tall girl in our class. They were good friends and that was all. SO you may be asking what have to do in this little love story. Very easy. Well Yeok Ann told me that he liked that girl and I did a very stupid act. I TOLD that girl that Yeok Ann likes you. And so Yeok Ann automatically became my enemy. Stupid me.

Yeah thats all folks. :D

The day before tomorrow

I found out about the admt presentation's difficulty level just today. I mean that I knew that it will be difficult, but exactly how difficult it was, i found out today. So difficult seh.  The questions of miss seah was so stumping. They will stump you if you don't know your product well. Maths was shocking. Only today did I pay attention to Mr Ingham's maths formulas for success in exams. Overall, it seemed like a very short day.

Short cheers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A unclassifiable thought

I was a very confident person in primary school. But that was in primary 3. I started stammering after that. Why? People around me started to make me lose my self-esteem that I was a waste of space and 'pollution to the society' as one of my classmates told me. I dropped low in the confidence chart and here in SST, I am slowly clawing my way up on the chart. :D

The big fall *ouch*

Ok lets enter that time machine and go to about june - september  2007.

There was this slippery table there in my primary school. I was sitting at the edge of it. I was swinging my legs. The momentum produced was enough to push me off the table. I landed on the base of my spine. *ouch* The pain was searing though me. I could not even straighten my back properly due to the pain. A lady nearby who was luckily also a nurse, asked me to lie down on the table. She said that after a while should be ok. No major damage was done to me except that for a few days, I could not even stretch. But or should i say butt, as i landed on my butt,  it's one major effect on me which still sometimes comes to me. Sometimes, I feel the muffled version of the pain. But it's ok. :D


The really long day


I am back from school and today was one heck of a long day. In fact, it feels like it has been 3 days not 1 day but 3 days. The school part was day 1, the cca part was day 2 and the part where I blog at home is part 3.

Day 1: I started of with for once not stammering in the announcement tdy morn (yay!)
Then we screwed up big time during the recess HTD radio time. Here was what happened. Everything was going fine until during the last song, we messed up the order of the songs by playing a yesterday's song with today's dedication. So the order got messed up. The last song we played, was filled with lots of 'nice' F -words. Then it happened. I got up with the mike in my hand to say good bye to you all, and the system screwed up. Ok some back info, we had shut down all the speakers in the school except for a few because there were visitors in some rooms, having meetings. Back to the story. So the system screwed up. How? I do not know. But what happened, i know. The speakers in all the rooms in the school started playing the song. We had shut them down, but they suddenly switched on by themselves. And here comes the best part. The singer was singing the F-word when the system failed. Happy Meal! We frantically shut down the whole system.

Day 2: Nothing much happened in cricket except that our coach left us and today was his last class with us.

Day 3: I got home, took a shower, ate some cup noodles and started blogging. yeah thats all for now.


Oh God!

I am seriously screwed... Me, Shamus and Darius. Dead. Maybe  after some days, you might not see us in school. Oh god.  Dead. I will not survive this ordeal. Oh god.