Monday, August 23, 2010

My Gloomy mood

Hi. As some people have noticed, I have become more and more gloomy.
There are some theories.
1) The school life stress
2) The stress coming from managing the class
3) The worst part of my primary school life seems to be coming back to my secondary school life.
4) I do not have a GF (by my cricket coach) (huh? what is that supposed to mean?(by me!))
5) I am just changing due to adolescence
6) Maybe I just too tired

Reasons behind each theory
1) It is true that secondary school has stress in it. It affects differently in different people. May be it has affected badly.
2) I am used to every thing will go my way kind of ruling, which I know is very bad, and my class has loads of comments on everything, so yeah maybe that's the reason.
3) In primary school, I did not have a true friend except one, who left me in october after getting fed up of me, so I am desperate to get my friends to be friends. Maybe all my attempts to get them to stay friends are failing. Thus the gloomy mood.
4) My cricket coach says that i am having mood swings as I am too lonely, so yeah... (idk if this is true)
5) It is a known fact that in adolescence, peoples mood changes.
6) I get cranky if i am tired but being tired for so many days, something is wrong.

So what do you thing? I seriously need to find what is my problem so that I can change it.


Sher Li said...

I think you're underestimating yourself. You're actually pretty nice, and being crazy rocks. I mean, if you're really crazy, then I belong in an asylum. Besides, you're the class chairman! There's gotta be a reason why you've been one for so long, right?

And erm... yeah, mood swings are normal. Everyone gets them... And well, I hope you find a real friend soon! There has to be someone in those 198 people out there.

And by the way, you're not the only one thinking the class should have less comments. I find it pretty annoying myself. Oh, and stress in Secondary School is pretty normal too.

Please dun be emo... you're not crazy. And you're not weird. Cos if you are, then I should be from another planet already. You're granite! :D

(Sorry, randoming in the granite part. Sorry if I made you feel worse.)

Joshua said...

Everything is normal. You cannot prevent the downs in life anyway. Hope you will not be so gloomy.

Harsh Seth said...

great. i am not the only one! thx!!!

bryanplane said...

hmm, u are feeling the same as me... :(

Zhiqi said...

Harsh, I do recognise u as a friend. The fun and crazy guy who loves to sing randomly and gets on my nerves! U are cool! I used to blame myself for everything in primary school but Harsh, this will not get u anywhere. Instead, you should reflect what you had done good today and strive to improve! I support u ah!

Your kinsmen, the annoying orange in Beijing.

Harsh Seth said...

Thx Zhi Qi!!! thanks a lot. if this was plurk, i would write (tears yet happy) !

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