Monday, August 23, 2010

My New Feeling!

After all those responses, I feel that i do have true friends around including some people to whom I have caused harm to. More people like these should be in the world, spreading happiness and joy to those around. So for now, I have discarded the emo suit. :D It has been replaced by the original Harsh suit. the happy, cheerful and fun-loving Harsh who does not become gloomy. :D


bryanplane said...

Good for you!
Question: DO you know why our eyes are forward instead of backward?
Answer: so we can keep going forward

So never give up!


Joshua said...

Yay for you Harsh!!!
Be sure to keep like that and throw away your emo suit.

Tor Ming En said...

Haha. The good, old Harsh is back again! :D

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