Monday, August 23, 2010

Some People

There some people who will be in my posts.

1) Calvin: A guy who is ice-cool and he sits on the right of me. :D
2) Sher Li: A girl who sit on the left of me. I met her at a tuition centre. Who knew that we would be in the same school, in the same class. Now I know that she is extremely random, a fun loving girl who is a bit on the quiet side. Likes her screen dark.
3) Mr Yeo: My form teacher. He is a great guy who really knows how to make a class laugh and make a class become one.
4) Miss Teo: My primary school form teacher who was with me for 3 whole years.
5) Miss Aisha: My maths teacher for 3 years. She was my favorite teacher.
6) Yeok Ann: A short chubby guy. This guy was my classmate for all 6 years.
7) Ramtej: A guy who was my classmate for the first 4 years. He left us for America in primary 4. I considered him as my friend. I don't know what he thought about me.
8) Yash: My 8-Year-Old Brother. Sometimes he annoys me. Sometimes we have fun.
9) Joshua Ma: My current Best friend. At least I consider him as one. I don't know what he thinks me as. hmm....
10) Akhil: This guy is one heck of an annoying guy. He is my mother tongue classes friend.
11) Bryan: A person with a sporty touch. He has an adventurous heart, loves soccer and will do any thing to play soccer (i think). :D


bryanplane said...

why don have me?

Joshua said...

Yay!!!! I just saw u put me as a best friend lol.

Harsh Seth said...

@bryan: you are in the list wat.

bryanplane said...

oh, didn't see :D

Guang Jun said...


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