Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today I went to the YOG boxing with my classmates and had great fun. We chose to meet at a starbucks. Unfortunately, there were 3 starbucks in the area. I being the vice-chairman of the class, felt that I should be the one going around gathering the other people who were at the other starbucks. This was done with my free will. Then after running around the mall, I came back to the true meeting point. I was sweaty and tired. But nobody said a simple thank you of any sort or have a rest Harsh. No they just said, where are the others? I feel so unrecognized for my efforts. No one acknowledges me. :(

Nvr Mind. Maybe Tmr will be a better day.


bryanplane said...

hmm, sorry i wasn't there, the class should have thanked you! Hmph!

Guang Jun said...

Sorry Harsh......

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