Monday, August 30, 2010

A day after the day which passed yesterday

So. If you did not get the title, it simply means today. I am making complicated titles so as to make sure that every title is not the same old boring one. :D

Here I go. First the test. There was a semi—killer test today during chem. and the topic was? You guessed it right, Chem.  —_—

Then, there was the final day of SST radio. The good thing was, it was a success. The disheartening news were
1) Of all the 12 RJs (Radio Jockeys), only 5 of us came...
2) Of all the 198 students in the school, only 61 responses came, of which one or two were by the same person... But only 61 responses were a lot to do only in 8 days... Next year there will be close to 400 students. And having only 5 hours, i don't think it will be plausible.

Then there was the teacher's day rehearsal. I was seriously heart broken by some things. More info in the next post.

And finally, i was thinking of adding another section to my blog. Getting to know me better. there, i will talk about my likes and dislikes. :D

Cheers :D


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