Monday, August 30, 2010

My thots... :(

    Today, i was very heart broken by some stares i received. But this also means that i have some problem in me. Problems which have to be fixed. First up, my wandomness... Yes Wandomness. Weird + Random = Wandom. It is the main cause of the stares and talk behind my back. :D

Another problem I am facing now is this question — Should I be a peoples person or a teacher follower? People = My classmates. I want to follow exactly what my teachers tell me but I don't want to get my class to complain about it. You see, my class is not always agreeing to the teacher's sayings so I don wanna go against the class but I will go against my teacher's instructions. I cannot find an equilibrium with the teacher's point and the class point so that they are both happy. Argh. gotta find a way to make the class and teacher both happy.


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