Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The really long day


I am back from school and today was one heck of a long day. In fact, it feels like it has been 3 days not 1 day but 3 days. The school part was day 1, the cca part was day 2 and the part where I blog at home is part 3.

Day 1: I started of with for once not stammering in the announcement tdy morn (yay!)
Then we screwed up big time during the recess HTD radio time. Here was what happened. Everything was going fine until during the last song, we messed up the order of the songs by playing a yesterday's song with today's dedication. So the order got messed up. The last song we played, was filled with lots of 'nice' F -words. Then it happened. I got up with the mike in my hand to say good bye to you all, and the system screwed up. Ok some back info, we had shut down all the speakers in the school except for a few because there were visitors in some rooms, having meetings. Back to the story. So the system screwed up. How? I do not know. But what happened, i know. The speakers in all the rooms in the school started playing the song. We had shut them down, but they suddenly switched on by themselves. And here comes the best part. The singer was singing the F-word when the system failed. Happy Meal! We frantically shut down the whole system.

Day 2: Nothing much happened in cricket except that our coach left us and today was his last class with us.

Day 3: I got home, took a shower, ate some cup noodles and started blogging. yeah thats all for now.



Tor Ming En said...

Song with F-words?! :O

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