Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The big fall *ouch*

Ok lets enter that time machine and go to about june - september  2007.

There was this slippery table there in my primary school. I was sitting at the edge of it. I was swinging my legs. The momentum produced was enough to push me off the table. I landed on the base of my spine. *ouch* The pain was searing though me. I could not even straighten my back properly due to the pain. A lady nearby who was luckily also a nurse, asked me to lie down on the table. She said that after a while should be ok. No major damage was done to me except that for a few days, I could not even stretch. But or should i say butt, as i landed on my butt,  it's one major effect on me which still sometimes comes to me. Sometimes, I feel the muffled version of the pain. But it's ok. :D



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