Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A unclassifiable thought

I was a very confident person in primary school. But that was in primary 3. I started stammering after that. Why? People around me started to make me lose my self-esteem that I was a waste of space and 'pollution to the society' as one of my classmates told me. I dropped low in the confidence chart and here in SST, I am slowly clawing my way up on the chart. :D


Joshua said...

Wow, I thought you stammering was a kind of a usual thing until I read this.

Harsh Seth said...

nope it was not

Tor Ming En said...

I don't think it is usual. You see, when you present us something, you stammer; however, when you address us as vice-chairman, you are talking confidently. So I hope you can talk confidently in a presentation :D

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